Friday 4 September 2015


As Burns told us, 'The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley' and that was certainly true of yesterday.  When I typed yesterday's entry it was fairly early and my guests were still in bed.  When Mum came down, it was to say that Dad had done something to his ankle and was unable to put any weight on it at all.  That being so, they would be going home after breakfast and hoping to get a GP appointment.

We managed, one way and another and thanked the stars that their car is an automatic and the painful ankle was on the left!  

So that left me with a day.  Now I have started knitting warm, woolly hats for the refugees and Beth will take them to a pick up point not far from here.  It's not a lot but it is something and it's better than nothing.

So no soup and bread at Hyde Hall but, even nicer, corn on the cob from Dad's garden and it was totally delicious.  I'd got the lasagne out to thaw but was able to put it back in the freezer for another time.  Instead I had the leftovers from Wednesday's dinner that I had been intending to freeze.  All it needed was a few more runner beans.

Today I will be going into school, wearing my governor's hat, for a school conference.  We've had them before but I will be looking at it from a different perspective - or at any rate I will try to.  Guess what - I was awake just after four!  Doesn't take long to get back into less than desirable habits, does it?  Not long at all.

When that is over I'm hoping that Beth and I can go swimming.  I have missed it this week.

And then it is the weekend.

Breakfast:  toast and jam, apple
Lunch:  Baguette with cheese and tomatoes
Dinner:  Ham with spicy tomato sauce, runner beans, new pots.


  1. How disappointing for you all, hope your Dad's ankle is better soon.

  2. lets hope the ankle makes a speedy recovery both our cars are automatic as we have a person with a damaged left foot.

  3. Thank you, ladies. He got an appointment with his GP in the afternoon and things are now improving, thank goodness.
    J x