Monday 14 September 2015


Good morning, gentle readers and welcome to Monday.  Although the forecast wasn't positive yesterday it turned out to be quite a nice day with some sun and no rain.  It wasn't terribly warm but never mind.  Now - it's raining!  Oh, well, it saves me having to water the garden, doesn't it?

I was, however, terribly lazy, especially in the morning.  I got stuck into one of my books and the time just - went!  One minute it was 10:00 and the next minute it was nearly midday.  Time can be odd like that, have you noticed?

However, I did manage to do a baking of bread for Beth (even if I over-proved it) and I managed to cook quite a nice simple lunch too.  Them in the afternoon, while Eddie was getting on with setting up the new PC, I set to and made the winter spiced lemon curd and, you know what, it is absolutely delicious.  I wouldn't call it frugal, far from it, in fact, with lemons, eggs, butter and sugar, but the flavourings (cloves, cinnamon, star anise with vanilla) turned it into something I will be proud to give to my friends as a gift closer to Christmas.

(I actually made three potsful but Eddie went home with one of them)

After that burst of energy it was lazy-time again and so it remained for the rest of the day, more or less.

Today is definitely swimming after missing two days on the trot.  Then it's back home for some sewing and some cooking - specifically that microwave tomato risotto.  That's probably about it.  Sounds good, doesn't it?

Breakfast:  porridge with yogurt and pineapple, orange
Lunch:  scrambled egg on toast, yogurt
Dinner:  tomato risotto, runner beans, pineapple and yogurt


  1. Morning Joy! I see the sun now so I'm happy!! We had a warm day too yesterday that I shamefully wasted apart from pegging out! I really love my job but I'm increasingly resentful of my lack of real time! I'm a bit *that way out* this morning!!! Oh dear lol
    Cauliflower rice is now going to be my perma rice dish, I just googled it and looked at the first BBC good food recipe. The only difference is I quickly boiled mine in a tiny amount of salted water. Next time I'll try the microwave like it suggests x

  2. I totally understand 'that way out'. Work stops one from living properly! :-)
    I must try the cauliflower rice at some point. Thanks for the idea! I wonder if one can freeze it.
    J x

  3. I bet you can whizz it, freeze it on a tray so it doesn't clump, then I bet you could cook it from frozen

  4. :-) MUST have a go! They didn't have any in Morrisons when I looked.
    J x