Thursday 24 September 2015


I was driving home after swimming yesterday in glorious sunshine and noticed for pretty well the first time how autumnal everything is getting.  A most appropriate thought for the first official day of the new season, don't you think?  I think it is going to be a lovely autumn - there were some wonderful reds, golds and oranges amidst the green.  I love every season for different reasons but the shining, golden colours of autumn are hard to beat.
Three weeks ago I was at Beth Chatto Gardens and was astounded at how green and lush everything was, a result of  a wet summer, I suppose.  How quickly nature can change!

Beth and I went swimming for the first time in far too long and boy, couldn't we tell!  It was a bit of a killer and we both came home shattered but it just goes to show the impact it must have.  We're going again today because I cannot go tomorrow.

Once home, we set to and sewed.  Beth's next OU course starts very soon and she wants to get the great majority of the items finished before then.  It is now mostly finishing off rather than making, but that can often be the most tedious and long winded part of the whole process.  We have decided that toggles will be better than buttons on the bags we have made so I guess that's another trip to the market.

I pootled off into school in the afternoon and, thankfully, this time I was able to start putting my data onto the program we use.  It is rather  long winded and somewhat tedious but, dear me, it has to be done.  As I selected and clicked, selected and click-click-clicked I thought of how many teachers or TAs all through the country have been through this process this summer and will do as they go through this school year and for years to come.  The cost in hours is frightening.  Assessment is crucial, it has to be recorded and this is as good a way as any to do it but . . . in more than one way it is costly.

It's still dark out there but it's a dressing gown and slippers morning and there's a bit of a breeze too.  I'm hoping that today is as lovely as the past several days have been -  sunny and pleasantly warm.  The tomatoes are ripening well still but I have one more picking of runner beans and that's it.  By next week I will have to pull down the plants and feed the brown bin!  The tomatoes will last until the first frost, fingers crossed  We've been lucky with blight - there's only been one full Smith period warning this year for this area (and a few near misses).  It's been wet enough at times but the cooler weather has reduced the spread of the fungus, maybe.  No complaints from me anyway!

After swimming it is more sewing and then I am off into school to do my granny helper thing with Y2.  Then, this evening, it is Eat Well for Less? which I thoroughly enjoy, even if it creates a bit of frustration at times!

And that's today sorted!  But first - coffee.

Breakfast:  tomatoes on toast
Lunch:  tomato risotto
Dinner:  spag bol and runner beans
also fruit and yogurt.

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