Friday 18 September 2015


Yesterday was sunny ALL DAY LONG!  What a change from the day before.  It looks as if it's going to be OK today too but it's just half light at the moment so hard to tell.

Didn't go swimming but I did busy myself in the kitchen.  I made that ketchup I have been wittering on about and, apart from being maybe a bit too spicy, it's scrummy.  Now I have to have sausages and wedges this evening so I can have some!  If you're interested, I have posted the recipe here.
The beetroot-chocolate cake didn't get made though and I'm glad it didn't because I'd have eaten the lot the mood I was in!  Fortunately the beetroot is vacuum packed and has a long life.

In Tuesday's entry I mentioned that I had poached a whole chicken in Thermione.  Since then I have wondered what to do with the stock so yesterday I got creative and used some of it in a leek, chicken and mushroom risotto which was absolutely gorgeous, especially with runner beans on the side.  I could easily have eaten twice as much if I'd made more so it's just as well I didn't really.

Then I pootled off the school and did my mummy helper thing with some children, hearing them read.  It was great, most enjoyable to be able to just do my thing with individuals with having to manage a class as well.

And finally the telly in the evening wasn't too bad.  Sometimes I do wonder about the families in Eat Well for Less?  They seem so very extreme in some ways.  I'm aware that I have hoarding instincts but never, ever have I had that much cheese unless I'm having a party or something.  And yes, I do have more pots of jam than that but only because it is home made and only three open at a time!  It makes for great viewing though.

Today I AM going swimming.  Beth can't come so I will go on my own.  Also I want to make some loaves.
When I was doing a 'Today's happy things' on my Facebook page I mentioned about making bread and then muttered that I really needed some people to buy my bread because I wanted to bake far more than I could possibly eat.  It was a jokey little aside.  However, I now have three friends who might like me to bake for them so these loaves are tasters for two of them who I will be able to see today.  Hope they like them.

At some point I also need to do a little bit of housework too!  Maybe.  I am being good at keeping the kitchen tidy now I actually have time to clear up after culinary activities so that's good.  It just needs to spread to other areas.

Now it's time to have another coffee.

Today's food
Breakfast:  toast and jam, fruit, yogurt
Lunch:  chicken sarnie, tomatoes, fruit or yogurt
Dinner:  Remember I roasted chicken over some mediterranean type vegetables?  I want to do similar with sausages tonight.  Also runner beans, wedges (and home made spicy ketchup)

Looks good, doesn't it?


  1. Sounds like a good day!! I always joke if I win the lottery, I'd still go in and listen to kids read!

  2. I always wanted to continue doing that. It got me back into teaching after having my family and it is such fun. Now, with my background, I can plan little programs for them to support their learning.
    J x