Sunday 13 September 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's Sunday.  Right now it is a bit chilly but fine although it looks as if there's rain a-coming this afternoon.  After some early wet weather yesterday, it all cleared up and it was quite a pleasant day really although the wind did pick up at times so it wasn't sitting outside weather.

I was thinking about my instinctive reactions as Saturday started.  Must do this, must finish that, must get the other thing started.  It's taking an effort to remember than now I don't HAVE to do certain things on certain days.
Making the bread, for example.  On Saturday I made bread for me, on Sunday for Beth (so she could have it really fresh).  Now - well, as long as I'm in, it can be any day.
Or the washing/ironing.  No longer does it need to be washed on Saturday, ironed on Sunday (not that I always did the ironing on Sunday anyway, sometimes it was iron and wear!).

Yesterday I arrived at Aldi just before it opened and was surprised that the car park wasn't packed and there was only a small queue waiting to go in.  Very different from Sunday but I suppose the time difference plays a big part.  getting there for eight on Saturday is very different from ten on Sunday.  Anyway, it was a good shop and I seemed to get loads for not much money.
I had intended to get some tomatoes that were one of the super six but they weren't yet out.  I looked at the other tomatoes and saw that some others were far better value.  It was a lesson in looking carefully for me as one expects the super six to be cheaper.  I wonder why vine tomatoes are so much dearer that 'ordinary' ones.
As I only wanted them to make that tomato risotto featured on Eat Well for Less, ordinary ones will do!

On the way home I stopped off at the library and now have some fiction reading too.  As a result I spent a fair bit of the day reading and will do so again today.

I had a go at the Hollywood Baguette recipe and yes, it worked well.  Gorgeous crusty outside and very tasty inside.  I shall copy that one out and use it!  I now want to try it using wholemeal but not today as today I need to make loaves for me and Beth.

So what will I do today?

First of all I didn't get the winter spiced lemon curd made so I will do that.  I have lemons that really need using up so this will be ideal.  I also didn't get the apple and pear jam made so might start on that and finish it tomorrow as it is a two step recipe.  I have bread to make, as mentioned.  I want to find a good onion gravy to go with sausages: I like a deeply savoury gravy and most onion gravies seem to be too sweet so I think I shall have to adapt one.  I want to make that tomato risotto, if I get to Morrison's, as I don't have enough arborio rice - or maybe I shall use a mixture of what I have and basmati rice - yes, I might do that.  We will have that tomorrow, I think, for lunch maybe.

Eddie is coming round again to get on with the computer.  It will be nice when that is all done and dusted!

It's all go!  But first - coffee.

Breakfast:  toast and jam, yogurt
Dinner:  sausages, new potatoes (from allotment), runner beans (from garden), courgettes (from allotment) and a bit of cauliflower (from Aldi!!!), fruit
Tea:  tomato soup with baguette croutons, yogurt


  1. Sounds very very busy. I'd planned to do lots, so far I've not!! Going to peg out n finish a booted. I've been entrance by watching the Great North Run

  2. It's been sort of busy but not too bad really. Quite nice and leisurely, in fact. I've not turned the telly on yet because I'm reading!
    J x