Tuesday 8 September 2015


Good morning, gentle readers. It looks quite nice out there as far as one can tell although there seems to be clouds in the sky so perhaps it won't be all that sunny.  Time will tell!

Yesterday was pleasant - quite sunny and not too chilly although I wouldn't say it was particularly warm.  Swimming was good - nice and sociable with lots of chats every two lengths.  Then it was lunch and all my frugal plans went awry, although I didn't really spend too much!  Then, I am afraid, I ate far too much for the rest of the day.  Something I will need to watch out for in the future.

Today I actually woke to the alarm.  I have little need for my alarm nowadays but on Tuesdays I will.  I popped into school to get the planning and it is very different when using the planning of others.  Not that it isn't clear and complete, it is, but it's not mine!  I guess it will stick in my head when it comes to it!  I take Y1 until playtime and then FS for the rest of the day.  Yay.

So it's back to the old routines except that I don't have to be in as early and I don't have heavy bags so can walk - that will be good.

That's about it for today.  No swimming!

Breakfast:  tomatoes on toast, apple
Lunch:  mini frittata, yogurt, tomatoes
Dinner:  pasta bolognaise, runner beans, fruit
And there will be playtime fruit too.


  1. Awww every Tuesday with the littlies! Win win :-) it's warm and sunny here too. A bit different on a Tuesday for me but we will see how we get on!

  2. Very win/win. Today was lovely, especially the two hours with Y1. I LOVE Y1!
    I hope your Tuesday went well for you.

    J x