Friday 11 September 2015


At last, at long, long last, it is Friday!  No school, an hour of swimming, get library ticket and books to read for the weekend Friday.  Three cheers and happy dance Friday!
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Wasn't it gorgeous yesterday?  Wall to wall sunshine and intense blue skies all day but not uncomfortably warm in any way.  Great for drying clothes, walking, lounging.  Light is just dawning and it is too early to tell what the skies are like but it certainly hasn't been raining and even if it's not sunny, I hope it is dry.  It's definitely getting cooler as each morning my heating is clicking in and even in the bright sun yesterday it was no more than pleasantly warm.

I did decide to go swimming in the end.  Thursdays are obviously popular because when I got there at 6:45, there were a surprisingly large number of people going up and down, up and down.  I may wait until 7:30 to start, it seems to be better at that time.  I did my hour, lost count of the lengths but it must have been between 30 and 40 and then came home.  Not long after, Beth arrived too and we settled down to some sewing - well, she did.  I did some cutting out and some learning, made coffee, made tuna burgers (more about these at another point) and made lunch - beans on toast!

Then I meandered along the road to school as I was a 'mummy helper' yesterday afternoon and didn't I enjoy it!!!  So nice to concentrate on one child at a time and to use my skills to help without being stressed and pulled in a dozen different ways at once.

Once home I watched telly, ate dinner, snoozed and generally relaxed.

So today I will be swimming, getting my library ticket, going along to the allotment at some point and generally having a good time.  No school until Tuesday.

Breakfast:  Toast and jam early, then fruit after swimming.
Lunch:  tomato soup as I have loads and loads of tins of tomatoes at the moment, bread roll maybe.
Dinner:  Tuna burger (as made last week on Eat Well for Less), salad, fruit

Now I am off to make the tomato soup!  Have a super day!

(Edited to say I have popped some entries on the recipe blog here

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