Wednesday 9 September 2015

Saturday - er - I mean, Wednesday!

Good (very early) morning to all my lovely readers.  It's interesting that after a day in school I am back to early waking, perfectly wide awake and raring to go!  I have no idea what it's like outside but it can't be that chilly because it's a slippers-but-no-dressing gown situation.

I was ridiculously nervous yesterday morning, as if I'd been away from school for ages rather than the one day it really was.  I kept glancing towards what was my tray in the staffroom to check for mail, something that is just pure habit, and I did miss having a classroom base at lunchtime, but it really was a wonderful day.  I had a blast with year 1 to start with.  Year 1 is my all time fave year and the one with which I have most experience.  After play it was into Foundation Stage to start getting to know the very new to school littlies and after lunch it was home visits and no children so I helped to clean and tidy the outside classroom area.

When I got home it felt so like Friday with Saturday coming because of no school the next day.  A very odd feeling which lessened somewhat when I got an email asking if I could do supply this afternoon.  Still feels a but Saturday-ish though!

I know I have to be getting fitter with losing a bit of weight and all that swimming but it is easy to forget quite how active one is at school.  By the end of the day I was stiff and aching and my ankles were starting to swell so once I got home I sat down, feet up, and did some knitting which was just the ticket.  Almost I wished I had taken the car but no, I am determined to save money and get fitter by walking whenever possible.  After all, it is less than five minutes away!  It is something I only remember about the beginning of each year when it actually happens.

It was a lot of fun seeing my old class again and loads of them came up to chat.  I got a few 'I thought you had retired' comments from folk, followed by 'how lovely to see you again' which was heart warming.

I had planned to spend this afternoon in the garden but maybe I can squash it in after swimming.  Beth can't swim with me today so I will aim for the early birds time which starts at 6:30 and which fits very well with the work after lunch too.  I really do need to deal with all the strawberry runners - they are taking over the garden and need cutting off.  I've allowed lots of them to root on one of the beds and will have plenty of strawberry plants next year, which is great and I can fill the gaps with what has escaped over the side of the bed.  It would be super to grow enough to make some of my own jam next summer but I suspect they will actually be picked and eaten straight!

I had another feast of runner beans for dinner yesterday and they will need picking again today.  As for the tomatoes, well, it's brilliant and while there are loads I want to use a recipe for tomato chutney in Thermione.  OK, so it will be 'orange tomato chutney' rather than 'red tomato chutney' but it should look lovely as well as tasting delicious.  Fingers crossed, anyway.

At lunch on Monday, Linda brought some plums for us, being a lucky lady with a tree in her garden.  Julie let me have her share so when I have jammed it, she will get back a good share of the jam.  She's great at letting me have the jars back too!  I've been simmering the plums (may as well make the most of a very early start), have added the jam sugar and am letting it dissolve as the mixture cools.  I will do the boiling later as firstly I have no intention of making my way to the garage for jam pots in my bed things, the garage being outside the garden area and also I have found that if I do it this way the mixture seems to reach setting point a lot faster.  Weird but true.  So I shall finish it off after swimming and before gardening!  And if I don't get it done, no problems, it will keep until tomorrow.

Well, I have waffled on rather too much so had better stop.  There's still two hours until swimming so I will have another coffee and sort out the food for the day.  I've found a recipe for bacon and roast tomato pasta from Slimming World and I seem to have most of the ingredients, only needing to substitute one thing (I have no broad beans but do have plenty of red/yellow peppers and mushrooms to use up) and it looks dead easy!

Breakfast:  tomatoes on toast (I do so love this and while the tomatoes are so plentiful and so flavoursome I am treating myself), apple.
Lunch:  the last of the mini frittatas, tomatoes, yogurt
Dinner:  bacon and roast tomato pasta, fruit

It's very heavy on the old tomatoes but they're a 'superfood' and free!!!  Oh, and they taste delicious!


  1. You must be brimming with vitamins!! I'm glad you had a perfect day at work!

  2. Even better, the fat levels are reducing! :-)

    J x