Friday 25 September 2015


Well, yesterday I was waffling on about hoping for another lovely, sunny Autumnal day.  Within the hour it was raining cats and dogs!  I should've kept my big mouth closed really, shouldn't I?  Fortunately it cleared up to a certain extent and we did get some sun although not as much as I'd have liked.

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Beth and I had a great swim.  We have discovered that we can use the diving area when it's not open. This is a 'pit' off the main pool, separated from it by some floats and it's about 10m x 10m and very deep.  We did ten lengths in the proper lane and then slipped under the floats where I seized the opportunity to have a go at other strokes, especially front crawl, which I haven't done for ages - and I really do mean ages as in decades.  I can see now why it burns up a lot more calories than breast stroke and different parts of my body are now aching, which is good.  I will work on it because it really wasn't brilliant - very clumsy and splashy but quite a lot faster.

While we were swimming to and fro, up and down and having a lovely time, it was just as well I didn't know that I had missed a phone call asking if I could do some supply.  Darn it!  I was in the kitchen when the call was made and - well, no hearing aids in means no hearing the phone.

The funny thing was that I was in school 'granny helping' in the afternoon and I saw the supply teacher (tried to help her in fact) and was thinking 'why wasn't I asked?' and telling myself to stop being so egocentric because, after all, why should I have first pick?
A lesson learnt . . . from now on it is hearing aids in first thing!  When I want to hear the phone, that is.  Today I don't need to!

However, I think I probably have four days supply in a few weeks.  It could be five days but one day is already booked for something else.  Four days is brilliant!

I have become mildly addicted to a programme called 'Money for Nothing' where the presenter takes old stuff that was heading for the dump, recycles/re-purposes it (or gets someone else to) and sells it again to make money.  Have you seen it?   I don't know if it is a new thing or not because it starts before I would have got home from school but I am enjoying it.  I particularly enjoyed yesterday's show because it featured an up and coming designer/seamstress, Chinelo, who first appeared on the Sewing Bee (another favourite) and who impressed me very much with her sense of design and creativity.  It is nice to know that her unique talents are being used.

Today should be a lovely day and I am going out to dinner this evening with some good friends.  And then it is the weekend - not that this makes such a difference nowadays!

Breakfast:  toast and jam
Lunch:  not sure yet
Dinner: eating out - yay!
Really informative, that, isn't it!

Now I must get going as there's a lot to do in a short time.  Have a great day, gentle readers.

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