Monday 21 September 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's bright but not sunny this morning so I am hoping the clouds will burn away and the sun will shine again, just like the last four days which have been beautiful.  I've taken to picking the tomatoes before they are ready and bringing them in to ripen and there have been loads.  Enough to make some passata for the first time this year.  Mind you, there's still plenty on the plants!  I think the weather will win, eventually as there have been a few very chilly early mornings and it only takes one hard frost!

Yesterday I managed a roast dinner for the first time in ages.  Several months ago I managed to get a rolled turkey thigh for 99p and I bunged it straight in the freezer.  I roasted that yesterday and it was very delicious.  The brown meat does have a lot more flavour than the white meat, doesn't it.  With it I used up the last of the frozen prepared-for-roasting potatoes (so must get some more in at some point soon), some roasted veg (onion, red pepper, mushroom and tomato) and some runner beans.  After that I made a dessert which is rare for me but Alex was here!  Apple crumble and custard.  It was so scrummy!
Borrowed from Google Images.

Beth and I sewed all afternoon - well she sewed and I partly sewed and partly kept up to date with a 'situation' (forum mods will know what I mean here).  As a result we got several more Christmas things finished for the Craft Fair Beth is going to in October.  We can only sew for so long before our eyes go funny and also, even though it was still sunny, the light changed and it wasn't as good so we stopped late afternoon.

Sunday evening telly was a bit rubbish really so I read and networked!

Today I will be going into school later to do some stuff that needs doing.  Before then I have a kitchen to tidy (endless, isn't it?) and I MUST do something about my bedroom.
I also have a bag to finish off.  I was expecting friends to stay for a few nights but they can't come now so I have a bit more time than I expected.

Today's food:
Breakfast:  toast and jam, fruit
Lunch:  cheese salad roll, yogurt
Dinner:  chicken and veg stir fry with pasta, yogurt, fruit.  I will stir fry the veg and the chicken in a minimum of oil and then make a sauce by adding some philly light and herbs/seasonings, then mix it with cooked pasta.   It makes a delicious meal!


  1. Isn't that such a pleasant and productive way to spend time. Jx

  2. It was really lovely, Joan. I do appreciate the times I can spend with family. I'm very lucky.
    J x