Thursday 10 September 2015



After not being sure what day it was, the time confusion carried on.  My brain then convinced me it was Tuesday which made sense - I'd just done my first full day's work of the week so it MUST been Tuesday, so I looked up the library opening times online and pootled around to sort out my library card and get some books, all excited-like and happy.

Huh!  Closed on Wednesday.  Closed on Thursday.  I have to wait until tomorrow now.  What a muddle.

To be fair, yesterday was rather upsetting as in my heart I said goodbye to a little cat who has given much joy.  She was very ill and made her last journey to the vet.  RIP, little Sofia.

I got my early morning swim and did my usual hour and 40 lengths.  I am aiming to get faster although I looked up calories burnt, etc., online and for breast stroke it isn't actually the speed, given a certain amount of effort, it's the distance and the length time you swim that boosts the calories.  Right now I am umming and ahing about going today.  I probably will but haven't totally decided.

The yellow plum jam is now made.  Five lovely pots of delicious sunshine.  I just have to label them and then I can share them with Julia.

Supply in the afternoon was fun but you know what the best thing was?  It was seeing everyone go to staff meeting and then walking home!

I made the bacon and roasted tomato pasta I mentioned yesterday, changed things quite a bit to fit with what I had and it was really rather delicious, so I shall post it on the recipe blog.

After swimming (if), Beth is coming round and this afternoon I am back in school as a 'mummy helper', with Y2 doing reading.  Nice!

And then, this evening, it is 'Eat Well for Less'.  This programme holds a sort of horrid fascination for me.  It's enjoyable and can be informative and there's some great ideas for more frugal shopping and cooking but what some of the families featured do and think is quite upsetting in this age of food banks and bin scavanging.  When you see someone throwing out perfectly good food because it has reached its sell-by date it's enough to bring tears to the eyes.  What I really do like is how lovely the children all seem to be.  Usually in reality programme they tend to be horrid brats but last episode's children enjoyed food, they were willing to try things and they enjoyed their mum's home cooking.  They were happy to sit at table and eat family meals.  They were, in short, delightful.

So that's today all mapped out!

Today's food
Breakfast:  toast and jam, apple
Lunch:  beans on toast
Dinner: the rest of the bacon and roasted tomato pasta from yesterday with runner beans.

And today I will not snack.  I MUST not snack.  Oh, dear.


  1. I have no idea why but every day this week I've been convinced it was a day later... In my case actually it's probably because the time is dragging a bit. But regardless of the reason, I'm finding it quite disorientating!

  2. It really is confusing, isn't it! A strange feeling.
    J x