Sunday 20 September 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  I'm feeling much more like myself today which is a great relief.  And it's sunny again - just like yesterday was.  Three cheers.

Things gradually became more cheerful as the day progressed - oh, OK, I became more cheerful; there was nothing wrong with things at all!  I lazed around, slept quite a lot (and all through the night) and generally wasted the day but that's OK.  It all finished off with a cracker of a first episode of Doctor Who so I went to bed happy!

Today - well, I was going shopping to Aldi but I don't think I will bother, not on a Sunday when it is so crowded.  The only thing I actually NEED is strong flour and even that I can do without for today or even pop round to Morrisons as I notice they sell strong white for 80p now which, I think, is new.  If you take petrol into account, it's cheaper to get it there than make the trip to Aldi unless there's other items on the list.  Beth AND Alex are coming over for lunch so I am doing a roast dinner using a turkey thigh roast I had in the freezer.  There's enough runners still to feed the tree of us and I shall do some roasted 'Mediterranean' veg as well as the roast potatoes.  That should all go down well.  I might even do a dessert.  I quite fancy a rice pudding if I have pudding rice in the cupboard.  If not, then an apple crumble as I do have apples.

I have some sewing to do - I need to finish off some bits and bobs for Beth - and there's some bread to make for her too.

On Friday I made some little loaves as 'tasters' for the two friends who have said if I make bread for them, they will buy it from me.  Yesterday and this morning I had emails from them saying lovely and yes please so, wow, I have two 'clients'.  I've costed things out, allowing for over heating and a bit of profit, but the fact is I love making bread and it's good to have more opportunity.  I am considering trying different things now and if they work adding them to the list of 'breads wot I can make'!

Today's food:
Breakfast:  tomatoes on toast
Dinner:  Roast turkey, roast potatoes, roasted veg and runner beans, maybe rice pud or apple crumble
Tea:  Probably turkey sandwich, fruit, yogurt

But before I get started - more coffee please!


  1. Morning! I've a butternut squash to deal with! I just popped the whole thing in the oven last night and baked it whole for about 90 minutes ( it's huge! ) just have to cut it open and scoop out the cold pulp! Yum. Half will be lunchtime soup n half will be for tea mixed with mashed carrot n swede. Yum. Grated nutmeg adds a yummiest!
    I've not fresh meat out so I think I'll nip to the co op to get a clucker to roast. Best get dressed then!

  2. Yum, I love butternut squash, it's delicious. Love your plans for it too!
    Have a great day
    J x

  3. Looks like we will all be in Aldi this morning that is where I am off to as soon as they open.

  4. Ten o'clock with queues to get in, I expect! I will leave it until tomorrow when, fingers crossed, it won't be nearly so busy.
    J x