Tuesday 1 September 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  I've just peeped outside and it is still chucking it down with rain.  I wonder if it has stopped at all since yesterday.  At least there's no need to water anything today after the bucket loads that have landed on the ground in the last day or two.

Swimming yesterday was good.  I pushed myself a bit more at times, got breathless once or twice but not too often as my pulse went up rather high and generally felt that I'd had a good workout.  I can't go again now until Sunday which is a bit of a blow but one way and another that's the way it goes.  Today I'm rather busy, the next few days I have guests and on Saturday I am going to a Thermomix tuition day thingy - that's not what it is called but I can't remember the proper name.  More about that in due course!
Never mind, it will feel good on Sunday and even better on Monday when I go swimming while the children go back to school - at least I hope it feels good but you never know, maybe there will be tears mingling with the swimming water.

Once home yesterday, Thermione really earned her keep.

First I made some white rolls which were absolutely delicious so, after sharing one with Beth, the rest were hurriedly bagged up and popped into the freezer.  I think today I will make some granary rolls and then I am covered for all eventualities!

After that I made the cheese sauce for the lasagne.  Thermione makes wonderful cheese sauce and there was enough left that I have some to freeze for another time.  Cauliflower cheese, anyone?

When I got out what I needed to put the lasagne together I realised that I didn't have enough pasta.  Neither of us fancied a trip to the shop so out came Thermione again, in went 100g plain flour, one egg and a dash of olive oil and out came the pasta roller.  A short time after that I had fresh lasagne sheets and Beth had some ribbons of pasta to take home for her dinner.  The completed lasagne is now in the freezer for Thursday.

Also, non-Thermione related, I dealt with some plums that were on yellow sticker in Morrisons.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with them except the date!  I shall jam them later on today; the fruit/.sugar mixture just needs boiling up now.

Today I have to lick downstairs into what passes for order in this house.  That means doing things I have been avoiding, like taking stuff to the garage.  I will get wet but never mind!  Oh, and, just remembered, I have some shopping to do.  Not a lot, but some.

So I'd better get off my bum and get started.

Breakfast:  toast and jam, apple
Lunch:  vegetable omelette, salad, yogurt
Dinner:  Takeaway Chinese (sorry), crackers and cheese

Yesterday I changed what I'd planned for lunch after realising that I had a lot of eggs so Beth and I enjoyed a deep omelette/tortilla type thingy.  There's a slice left over so that's my lunch for today.  Nice.


  1. Hello! It's my last day of freedom today, so am pottering about. What is Thermione? I'm presuming she is a fancy pants food processor?! That heats up?? Have you a post where we meet her?!

  2. You're back tomorrow then. Ours start on Thursday but the first two days are INSETs.
    Thermione is my thermomix and she's wonderful. Here's a link.


    I've got the older version, the 3.1 which looks quite a lot different and doesn't have the chip function. Wouldn't be without her for anything. I bought her with a legacy from my dear Auntie May.

    J x

  3. Wow she looks a complicated piece of kit! But beautiful! I'm not showing the HG - he's gadget mad - and despite Beryl and Martin in the kitchen, he'd be itching to getting me one!!