Tuesday 24 June 2014


It's gorgeously sunny and fresh this morning and has obviously been raining so no need to water the garden.  Sun by day and rain by night sounds just perfect, doesn't it?

I'm afraid yesterday was pretty stressful all day, mostly because of stuff that I know is going to take for ever and which HAS to be done this week.  I stayed in school late and got about half done and I am just hoping that today I can finish the rest.  That, together with Infant Sports Day on Thursday, is just about sending me crazy right now.  Thank goodness for coordinator time and PPA time today.

Still, the garden is a delight.  Not that it is anything brilliant but it's always full of promise and it's very relaxing.
The crocosmia has started flowering . . .

The freebie begonias are coming up . . .

The raindrops have freshened everything . . .

What more could a girl ask for?


  1. Tongue in cheek rely - you could ask yourself for more time at home to do all the things you love doing. Jx

  2. I will have that in three and a half weeks' time. :-)
    J x

  3. Beautiful crocosmia! What a gorgeous colour! :o)
    The weather sounds lovely, too - perfect actually with sun during the day and raiin by night. It's hot and cloying here during the day unfortunately, but we have had some lovely summer weather, it's just too hot for me.
    Hope everything goes well! Chin up and keep going, not long until the summer break now! :o) S.xxxxx

  4. Good luck with your work I too am feeling the strain of getting things done on time but hey once it is done it is done and we can move on....

  5. That's the light at the end of the tunnel, isn't it?
    Sonja, yes, it is nice although it has been hot recently and the humidity and pollen count are both high.
    J x