Thursday 26 June 2014


The days don't get any easier at the moment but working with such fantastic colleagues helps more than I can say.  Yesterday was unrelenting but we all survived.

Thank you to everyone for your responses to my bug photo.    Maybe I will see another one at some point.  At the moment I am battling blackfly and am definitely using bug stuff not weed stuff.

Yesterday some perennials I ordered were delivered.  One was a blue 'poppy', one was a Japanese anemone and the last was an 'everlasting' flower.  All perennials so I will leave them in the pots they arrived in while I decide where to plant them.  I think they will be lovely!

Today - well, it is sports day so things will be very busy and hectic and I will be glad when the afternoon is over.  I think I have planned everything but you never know, do you!

Fingers crossed.

Now to water the garden!


  1. Good luck today! It's nearly over - and maybe then you'll be able to relax enough for a good night's sleep!

  2. I'm sure I will. I want to go to bed now but it is only half past six-ish!
    J x

  3. The new flowers sound lovely!
    Hope the Sports Day goes well and that the sneezing does not bother you too much.
    Take great care - not long to go now! :o) S.xxxx

  4. No sneezing at all, odly enough. the tablets obviously work. it was a very happy time, thank you!
    J x