Saturday 28 June 2014


I forgot to say, my new microwave arrived yesterday.  It's the same make as the dead one (because it suits me, it's a Bosch, it's just the right size, right price, etc) so I've just realised I will have a spare - oh, what do you call it? - the glass thing that goes round? - turntable!!!  Not that I've ever had an accident with a turntable before but you never know.  I'm sure I shall sleep sounder at night knowing I have a spare.  Yes, definitely I will!  :-)
Here it is!


  1. I always keep the turntables, they make excellent cheese boards, nice and cool.

  2. That looks great, Joy and, as you say, the perfect size. Lovely to have a spare turntable, too! :o)

  3. I too have a spare turntable having learnt the hard way that Toshiba et al do not expect anyone to need replacements. So now I have 2 Panasonics and spares. Hoping you will soon be free from all tedious tutilary. Jx

  4. :-) Three weeks minus one day because the Tour de France comes right past us next Monday so school is closed (as are all the roads). Yay!
    J x