Thursday 12 June 2014


A splash of colour!

I'm afraid it is another ooops from me.  Nothing garden related, thank goodness, but  equally daft in a different way.

I got into school yesterday and started setting up for the day.  Along came A saying 'I have your class from 10:15 - what do you want me to do?'
Total bewilderment from me.
So off I rushed to the notice on the staff board to realise that from 10:15 to the end of the day I had monitoring time for my subject responsibility, PSHE.  This included planning scrutiny (no problem), work scrutiny (equally no problem) and, oh dear, a lesson observation (my year 1 co-worker, who had also completely missed it)  Not so good.  Big problem here.
So co-worker and I had a serious little chat and decided that I could actually observe her any time before the end of term.  Lovely Deputy Head agreed. That got me out of a pickle.
So I spent the rest of the time catching up with SEN paperwork on the understading that I will use SEN time for the observation and write up.  It's good that I have that flexibility, that's for sure.

But I do feel a right prune (again).  It's getting to be a habit, I fear.  Is it old age or over work?

Apart from that it was a good day and having home grown strawberries for dessert every lunch time is bliss!

One of the nicest things in a long time happened yesterday.  One of my littlies had been inspired by our theme of Jack and the Beanstalk and had planted or bought a variety of seeds.  One was a little strawberry plant and yesterday I was presented with the first fruits - a big strawberry, the first ripe one from the plant, carefully wrapped in kitchen towel so it wouldn't bruise.  Rarely has a strawberry tasted more delicious!  Wasn't that lovely?

Today I am out of class yet again.  I am off on a course (nice and local).  A SEN update course.  Should be helpful.  I have my class p.m., thank goodness.

And then just one day until the weekend.  Phew.


  1. Definitely over work :-)
    I have strawberry envy... I bought some yesterday but I'm not kidding myself they taste like yours!

  2. Lovely about the strawberries - both yours and your little boy's, how lovely of him to bring you one! So kind!
    Hope the course goes well.
    I suspect you are over-worked and this is what's causing the mix-ups - I feel for you, I really do. Hopefully the weekend and some rest will help! (Hug)
    Have a lovely day! S.xxxx

  3. Isn't it a pain when plans go awry but at least is was nothing that couldn't be readily sorted. As you can imagine nothing surprises me these days!!!! In fact I am surprised when things go according to plan!!!!!

  4. Having to check and recheck a noticeboard is a real bind. An individual memo would have been nicer. Getting towards the end of another year, the pressure continues to mount. No wonder when everyone is overburdened. Hooray for fresh strawbs! Jx

  5. To be fair, Joan, I did know but I had forgotten, Joan. It was my error, not anyone elses! That's life!

  6. ...and such a busy one (smile) Jx

  7. Oh, yes, that's a fact!!! :-)
    J x