Friday 13 June 2014


. . . and it looks like another wonderful day coming up.  The skies are clear and there's that lovely, fresh aroma in the air.  Oh, and the BBC weather site says so!

It's been a right old week this week.  Yesterday didn't turn out at all as planned because in the afternoon I was asked to be involved in an interview for a class cover post.  In the morning I had attended a SENCO update meeting which was absolutely brilliant, very helpful, very informative and very reassuring.  As you may or may not know, there's big changes afoot for Special Educational Needs.  These will be the third lot of big changes I have seen in my life as SEN 'person':  I got the SENCO post by default because I was already doing the job before the first Code of Practice came along and I am gradually withdrawing from the post as the third one is published.  I like the regularity of this, not to mention the fact that I sat there thinking 'I won't have to do most of this'.  An interesting feeling, very bitter-sweet.

And today is my SEN day.  The morning will be devoted to paperwork and the afternoon sees yet another important meeting.

I had some fantastic news yesterday.  Alex (autistic grandson) has won an award.  I'll have more details soon but there's information about it here.  I gather it is connected with his hard work relating to the Duke of Edinburgh stuff he is doing through his school.  I'm so very proud of him.

Better go!  There's work to do!  Have a good day.


  1. Many congratulations to Alex on his award it means so much to kids to win something.

  2. WELL DONE, Alex! I couldn't get the link to open, but I used to work for the Duke of Edinburgh Award any years ago and know what is involved. Absolutely brilliant! I bet Alex is proud, too! :o)
    Have a lovely day! S.xxxx

  3. Alex is always modest about his achievements but he's pleased about this one, according to Beth. :-)
    J x

  4. Well done Alex!