Saturday 7 June 2014


See what is coming with the sun!

Even on Saturdays and Sundays I wake early and I am glad because watching the dawn and the sunrise is one of the delights of my life  Not today though, as it is clouding over and the wind is picking up.  The forecast is not good for this morning and early afternoon although it is supposed to be picking up later.  At least it means no need to water the garden; only the tomatoes in the growhouse which will get their weekly feeding.

The news is, again, not so good about the dwarf beans.  I think the pigeons must have been at the leaves because several little plants that were growing most healthily have disappeared.  Ho hum.  Well, I shall just plant some more, cross my fingers and consider getting a little cover thingy if I plant them again next year.

The strawberries, however, are doing amazingly well and there will definitely be enough for the three of us (me, Beth and Alex) to have a taste each tomorrow for lunch.

Yesterday ended up as a good day.  It turned out that I was way more prepared for that meeting than I believed I was and it went well, then I had a very productive meeting with a colleague after which I went into foundation stage to talk to them all about the reading treasure chest and give out a few rewards which is sure to get others reading more too.  I spent the afternoon working on paperwork and kept almost falling asleep so it was home early to relax and to have an early night.  That means that I will need to go back into school today to get stuff done but never mind, today will be like school anyway because it is a serious 'write my reports' day (as is tomorrow too).

I've just enjoyed my first mug of Saturday caffeine (it's decaf for the rest of the week) so I think I need to top up.  Have a good day!

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