Monday 16 June 2014


A fairly quick one as there's loads to do this morning.  It's still cool and dull like most of yesterday, although we did get a little bit of sun from time to time.

I have nearly finished those reports now.  I just have a few more to do and then they need checking over before printing.  They will definitely be ready before the deadline, thank goodness.  It's been a long weekend though and I'm quite tired so I hope there are not too many challenges this week.

I've taken a stroll around the garden and all seems well.  New runner beans are sprouting where the ones I killed grew so I have fingers crossed for them.  There's more dwarf beans coming up, hopefully not too late, and I've covered them with some of the netting I bought for the strawberries and haven't needed (yet) so fingers crossed.  The carrots are coming up, the corn is doing fine and definitely growing now, the twelve (yes, twelve) tomato plants are doing OK and Blightwatch hasn't recorded any significant blight danger yet (good!), the chilli pepper plant has two chillies and several flowers, the two red peppers have flower buds and the mint looks to be trying to take over the garden - not that it can, in pots as it is, but even so!  I picked strawberries yesterday so there won't be any today but there should be in a few days' time.

I do like the grow bag pots.  They not only give the tomato roots more space and there's more depth for the support canes, they have a reservoir for water so I shouldn't come home from school on hot days to find them wilting.  I'm thinking of getting a few more next year, especially as the price has really come down from a couple of years ago.
Taken from Amazon but they are what I have.  I bet I won't get quite so many tomatoes though.

And the crocosmia is sending up buds now.  It should be a colourful array in a few weeks' time.


  1. I wish my tomatoes looked that good mine seem to be quite far behind but then again I did grow them from seed and they are heritage varieties so probably less vigorous.

  2. I wish mine did too but I bet on an advert photo they've been touched up.
    My growhouse tomatoes are doing nicely and the outside ones are OK but slower - they were planted later anyway and I;'ve onlky just got them into the pots. They're growing fast now though.
    J x

  3. I have a grand total of three crocosmia that decided to regrow *grin*

  4. Oh, good. That's a start. Give them a few years and you're be digging some up!
    J x