Sunday 1 June 2014


Dough rising in Thermione.  I only turned my back for a few minutes!

More sunshine!  Yesterday stayed fine but it didn't stay sunny.  After a while it dulled over and stayed like that more or less all day.  Fingers crossed that the sun stays around a bit longer today.

Mind you, the pollen count must be up.  The back door is open and I'm sitting here sneezing my head off.  A right pain!  Must take the daily tablet.

After a quick dash into Lakeland yesterday to get some poly bags and some bread tin liners, George turned up and polished up the garden very nicely.  Then Next turned up with the bedside chests which Beth and I will be putting together today.  I made bread.  I worked a bit.  I watched telly.  I snoozed.  In other words, on and off it was a very lazy day and today will be similar.  I think I will make more bread, for the freezer, and I will potter around the garden beds, plucking up mini weeds before they get a hold.  Beth and Alex are round for lunch and it will be a simple salad with cold meat for Al and cheg for me and Beth woth strawberries for dessert, courtesy of Morrisons.

A highlight was the first strawberry eaten, just as it came off the plant, no sugar or cream and you know what?  It was gorgeous!  There are several others now starting to ripen so by next weekend I should be enjoying loads.

Well, there are several little things that need doing and won't do by themselves so I'd better get my act together!


  1. I'm so jealous of your home grown strawberries! Back in Wales I used to grow them as well (and raspberries at one point) and they are so much better than anything you can buy! If we ever buy a house instead of renting again I'll grow them again - it just doesn't seem worth it when you know you'll be moving on again before long :-(

  2. I know what you mean. Mine are in pots so if I ever moved I would take them with me. it might be worth considering that.
    I agree, the flavour is unbeatable.
    J x

  3. Love the way Thermione is doffing her hat to you! I trust there was no harm done to the bread ...:-)

  4. No harm done at all, thank you. It baked beautifully!
    J x