Sunday 22 June 2014


It was another good day yesterday.  The sun shone, it was warm but not baking hot and there was movement in the air.  Today looks like being similar - I do hope so.  At the moment it is cool but not chilly, the sun has risen and is travelling across the roofs of the houses I can see from my window and birds are singing their wingtips off!  Oh, and I'm sneezing.  Where's the tablets?

The June Fair was great.  The infants galloped their way through their dance, finishing it to great cheers from all the parents.  Andrea and I were on the gate which was great because a) we could sit down, b) it was half in shade for a while and c) we got to chat to folks as they came in and left later on.   Mind you, I was tired afterwards so I bought in a take away Chinese and enjoyed every mouthful!

After a good night's sleep I woke, poured some of yesterday's real coffee into a mug (no point wasting it and it still tastes good) and bunged it in the mictrowave to heat up.  A slight problem though - between yesterday and today something has happened and there is no heat.  It turns, light comes on, it times and pings fine, but it doesn't heat.  Darn it!!!  It's probably not worth having it looked at/repaired, it would cost almost as much as getting a new one so . . . there goes some of my hard earned savings.

And I'm not complaining really, I am extremely grateful that I can.

Beth's coming over for lunch.  I've made (or half made) some chickpea and butterbean patties and we will have them with onion marmalade and a salad.  It will be good.  And then, at some point, I need to look at the planning and get that printed out.  Also I have to start off Beth's bread at some point.  I guess I'd better start moving then!  Off to Amazon first to look for microwaves!


  1. Mending with a new one would be a good idea, wouldn't it? Microwave ovens can be bought relatively cheaply these days. Jx

  2. They can, and by shopping around I got one that I wanted around £20 cheaper than Amazon so I was pleased.
    J x