Monday 9 June 2014

I feel an utter prune!

I've realised why the runner beans have died.  And the lupin.  And some of the crocosmia which are next to the lupin.  Nothing to do with bugsies and everything to so with the fact that I sprayed them with weed killer instead of bug spray.

Now I feel extremely stupid.  Ah well, maybe, if I chop the lupin right back to its roots I can stop the rot, so to speak.  And runner beans will grow again.  And I have too many crocosmia anyway!

But I am very cross with myself.


  1. Very easily done but at least you know the reason but I can imagine how cross you are.

  2. Oh no!!!!!!

    You probably can't replant in that spot for a bit. I have lots of runner plants though, so will keep you well supplied this summer ok?

    but yes, very very annoying!

  3. Oh no - that's almost as daft as typing for three hours and then losing the lot. At least it wasn't the strawberries! Or was it deliberate so that someone else could supply you with beans? Cider Lass.

  4. Oh, yes!!!! I still have other runner bean plants elsewhere and I didn't know about not planting so I have planted more seeds. We shall see. The runners only caught the back spray as I was really doing the lupins but it was enough.
    I am still so, so cross with myself.
    But it begs the question - why doesn't it work on the weeds?