Monday, 9 June 2014


Good morning.  Welcome to what promises to be a lovely, sunny day again.  Yesterday was gorgeous - hot and sunny but not humid and I had the fan on a fair part of the day (including overnight in the bedroom).

I finally got myself motivated enough to plant out the remaining tomatoes into grow bags with growbag pots which were recommended by my dad.  He gave me the mini plants too.  So that's six more plants and, blight and other pesties willing, we will have plenty of tomatoes through the summer and early autumn, given the number of plants in the growhouse.  The corn is out and seems to have survived the night.  Now I just need to pot on the two pepper plants and that's really about done.

Two of the runner beans seem to have died although the others are going strong.  Can you kill by overwatering, I wonder, because it certainly isn't under watering.  Anyway, I have planted more seeds there and they will just have to take their chance, like everything else in my garden!

It's back to school after a lovely weekend and a week of business.  Today is all set up to go and the rest of the week is almost there.  So I had better pop into the kitchen, sort out breakfast and lunch and generally tidy up.  Have a good day and, Diane, I hope all goes well.

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