Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Still feeling a little foolish after realising how my poor plants had been treated but let's move on.  It's something I won't do again, I am sure.

It's too early to tell what the weather will be although the ground is damp and I suspect it has been raining.  I say this every week but hopefully we will get our outdoor PE  squeezed in.  They have to go onto the field today as they will be practising the jumping part of sports day.  Long jump, standing jump, zig zag jump and mini hurdles.  It's all go!

Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day.  After some humidity it all lifted and was gloriously sunny all day.  Afternoon playground duty was an absolute pleasure and the worst we had to deal with was a football that went over the fence onto the wall.

I love watching the infants play football.  Each class has one football so the play tends to be very linked to age.  In Foundation stage they all cluster together like little ducklings.  One kicks the ball and they all go tearing after it in a huddle, then it gets kicked again and off they all go after it once more!  Year one is hardly any more sophisticated although you get the occasional goalie stood on his own (it usually is 'he', the girls have more sense) between two school jumpers, occasionally complaining that he is bored.  Something clicks in after that and year two much more resembles the conventional game as they are all spread out, passing to each other and one can see the occasional tackle.  The goalie (still only one of them) gets a lot more work too and they are sensible enough not to have their goal 'posts'  too close to the fence.  They also get an awful lot more competitive.

Today is my virtually non teaching day with coordinator time and PPA.  There's an awful lot to do though so it's never a doddle!  And with that, I'd better get started!


  1. Fascinating to read about the football and how how the children play it changes over the earlier years!
    Hope you have a lovely day and that the weather remains sunny but non-humid! :o) S.xxx

  2. It really makes me smile when I watch them!
    J x