Wednesday 25 June 2014


Atishoo, atishoo, atishoo!  Better get the tablet down me!

I went out the water the garden and that's the result.  With both humidity and pollen count quite high, it's all a bit overwhelming but I am very thankful that it is not like this all summer and that cooler, more comfortable weather will come along.  I'm also thankful for the sun!

Yesterday was - well, yesterday.  I think I am almost ready for Sports Day, the paperwork just needs polishing up a bit and staff meeting shouldn't be too challenging this evening.  So why am I not sleeping?  It's ridiculous.

While watering the garden yesterday I saw this little chap.  Does anyone know what it is?

He was very polite and stood absolutely still on the hose while I took some photos.  I think that if you click on the photo it will enlarge.

Better go, I need to be off soon.  Have a pleasant day, everyone.


  1. He's some sort of shield bug, but if couldn't tell you which one. Watch out: sometimes they're called stink bugs because they can defend themselves with a horrible spray!

    Yes, I'm suffering from hayfever too. But I can't bear to follow advice and stay indoors with the windows closed.

  2. If he has a brownish X across his back, he'll be a Hawthorn Shield Bug. If he's a plain bright green, a Green Shield Bug - after that they get harder to identify.

    Another hayfever victim too - but thankfully mine is relatively mild and the drugs will deal with it.

  3. Handsome beast! I think it's the red legged shield bug -

  4. I think you're right, Annabeth. I've never seen one before and I was please that he stayed put while I went inside to grab the camera. A real gentleman!

    Suzie and Juliesmum, it's been really bad this year but, despite a sneezy start to the day, ther est of it was much better, for which I am hugely thankful. I hope it improves for you too!

    J x