Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Firstly, apologies for missing yesterday.  Things were quite busy and it just didn't happen.  Back today though!

When I came home yesterday I meandered around the garden and noticed several bits of red among the strawberries so I looked and, lo and behold, there were seven ripe berries.  Enough for a very delicious and simple dessert of strawberries and cream.  That cheered me up no end.

What with the rain yesterday, which drove a coach and horses through my planning yesterday morning, and PPA in the afternoon followed by a management meeting, I came home pretty tired so I needed that pick-me-up.  I still went to bed at nine, sleps solidly through and dozed off again after waking this morning.  Not for long but I had the most vivid dream.

Today is a full day teaching followed by staff meeting which I am leading - it's all about the new PSHE curriculum so wildly exciting (not!)

Unfortunately, it is still raining and the start of the new theme requires outdoor work.  Ho hum!!!  Not a good start at all, is it?

So, just to cheer me up, here's a photo I took of those seven strawberries yesterday evening.


  1. Looks delicious! Strawbs are nowhere near ripe up here. Jx

  2. I'm quite surprised mine are ripening but no complaints!
    J x

  3. My goodness, those strawberries look absolutely delicious, Joy - bet you enjoyed those and I am glad they gave you a little pick-you-up!
    Hope today goes well and that the rain lets up for you.

  4. It was wet on and off but we did manage to get things done OK. It's cheered up today too after early rain.
    J x