Saturday 21 June 2014


I'm feeling relaxed and slow-to-get-started this morning.  It's a lovely feeling, helped by a Saturday breakfast of bacon sarnie and proper fresh coffee.  The back door is open and the sun is shining.  Bliss.

Today is June Fair day.  All the infants have been practising a sort of country dance and at two o'clock all present will pile into the central arena to frolic around.  Should be good!  Between times, I am on the 'gate' so will be busy but able to sit down.  That should help the old knee!

The rest of the day will be spent doing nothing whatsoever - well, I might potter in the garden a little bit.  Things are growing apace now which I always find exciting.

Here's a few photos.

These are really lovely this year.

The insects obviously like the pinks.

Extra tomatoes

. . . and more extra tomatoes!

My calming, serene, aromatic bed.  I just love it this year.

I've now totally given up on the dwarf beans.  Even with netting over they have all been demolished.  However, one of the runner bean seeds I planted to replace the two I killed has come up nicely.  I think the other one has also been nibbled but time alone will tell!

Ah, well, I suppose I must up and get sorted out.  George will be here before I know it if I carry on at this rate!  Have a lovely, sunny day, wherever you are!


  1. Your garden is looking beautiful - love the photos! Those tomato grow-bag thingies with the pots are clever, aren't they! I had never seen anything like that before you put up some pictures of them.
    The June Fair Day sounds lovely - hope it all went brilliantly!
    Have a lovely Sunday! S.xxxx

  2. It went really well, thanks. Lovely and sunny and crowds came! Have a lovely Sunday yourself too!
    J x