Tuesday 17 June 2014


Good morning.  It's another dull start to the day and still quite chilly too.  What's happened to this 'heatwave until September' people were talking about?  It's not here, anyway.  We did have a bit of sun from time to time yesterday and also a slight scattering of rain now and again but nothing that would give the garden a good drink so I'll be out watering again before school, thanking my lucky stars that it's a very small garden.

Today is phonic screen day - at least from the start of school until playtime.  I will be able to get most of the class done and will finish them off tomorrow.  I feel quite tense about it and am aching as a result.  Silly of me, but . . .

As a result, I won't see my class all day as it is then coordinator time followed by PPA.  Ho hum!

Well, better get working.  Have a good day, one and all!


  1. Yet more bureaucracy, poor you and poor littlies having to go thro' it. Hope all goes well. Jx