Thursday 5 June 2014


After a very wet start earlier on, it's now sunny and bright although windy and I suspect showers will be blowing across all day.  Yesterday was a bit better than expected with some bright intervals and we did manage to get our outdoor work done, albeit a little damply.

Staff meeting went OK.  We were a bit thin on staff as some teachers are away with the year sixes for their week away and some were in a moderation meeting and so on, but never mind, the work got done and now I am in a position to start the new PSHE schemes of work paperwork.

Today is another full day with my class (lovely) and they are now settling down after the half term break.  I must be working them hard as they seem very tired by home time.  Last half term I was on morning play duty but this is one of my half terms off so yay!  Unfortunately, several children didn't finish their maths yesterday so guess who will be staying in to finish.  Yes, that's right, mean and nasty teacher that I am!

The strawberries are ripening still and there should be more to pick by the weekend.  Excellent!

That's it really.  Have a good day and, Diane, you make sure you come first today, OK?


  1. PSE or PSHE as it's called elsewhere. Are you having to produce materials for it? I hope not. My Head of year put in an enormous amount of time and effort into materials. When he retired, the whole lot was thrown out and materials bought in. Apols for being negative. Jx

  2. Dear me, no way! It's not terribly arduous really! It's now Personal, Social,Health and Economic education.
    J x