Friday, 27 June 2014


Was there a storm last night, I wonder?  I ask because I went to bed (and to sleep - yay) very early last night and I never hear anything once my hearing aids are out, but the ground was wet this morning.  I ummed and ahed about my early morning watering before deciding that I would.  I'm glad I did because I saw this little fellow.
Yes - my first runner bean!  Isn't it cute?

And I am really glad I planted some more beans where I killed the original ones because they're growing up strongly (albeit rather nibbled in places) so I should get a crop from them.  They're way behind the rest, of course, but never mind.

Sports Afternoon yesterday went really well.  The sun shone but there was a refreshing breeze, the children were happy, the adults were happy - what more could one ask?  There were a few tumbles, inevitably, but no disasters and no glaring gaps in the organisation thereof!  Phew!  As always, the year sixes were splendid, explaining the activities, scoring them, cheering the children on as well as helping to keep scores up to date and giving out programmes at the gate, etc . . . we couldn't do it without them, that's for sure!  That's another one ticked off the list.

Two meetings this morning.  Darn it!  Too too many as I'm stiff and weary - all afternoon walking around was not that good for my knee and ankle (yes, I am an old crock!!) and I might not be that cheerful, but never mind!  We will get there in the end and there's always ibuprofen or the equivalent.

I am hoping no emergencies come up and that I can sort out and file loads of paperwork and get loads of other paperwork sent off and ticked off.  Fingers crossed.

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