Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Poor old crocosmia!
No wet ground this morning so I was out early to give the plants a good drink.  Everything's growing well except for the dwarf beans.  I reckon that particular place (a wicker grame with a bag inside) is on the local moggy's calling schedule because three of the remaining four plants have been knocked flat and have broken off.  I think I will give up for this year now, just see if the seeds I planted come up and maybe pootle down to the garden centre and get some cover protection.  If I don't use it this year, I can use it next year.  I'm not annoyed, just resigned really.  On the other hand, the carrots are starting to come up!

It was another lovely day yesterday.  The children are excited that I have produced the class pedestal fan and have it blowing over them as they sit and listen.  It caused a fair sensation at first but they're accustomed to it now and it certainly makes a difference!

Well, the sun is shining, the house is airing and I have made my lunch of fresh strawberries and a ham salad (not together!).  It is now bath time so I'd better stop writing and get going.  Have a lovely day!


  1. Great idea about the fan, Joy! I can well believe it makes a difference! It is unbearably hot here and has been for some days now - absolutely horrible. Nothing to be done though, one's just got to get through it.
    Sorry to hear about the dwarf beans, what a shame!
    Have a good day! S.xxxx

  2. Sorry you are so uncomfortable. It sounds most unpleasant.
    J x