Saturday, 31 May 2014


. . . and I woke up to sunshine.  Not hazy, watery, it's-going-to-rain-soon sunshine but authentic, blue-skies-all-day sunshine.  Excellent.  A bit of warmth would do the garden the world of good.

Not that I'm complaining.  I posted these photos on Facebook so apologies if you've already seen them but  really, what a difference a day makes!

Thursday afternoon

. . . and yesterday, early evening.

I feel a little dessert coming on soon!

In other news, the dwarf beans have definitely decided that they are staying around now.  With a bit of warmth and sunshine they should grow like crazy.  It's going to be quite a beany summer what with them and the runners but I love beans and if there's enough to feed family and neighbours too, well, so much the better!  Sadly, though, the cucumber has definitely had its chips and will be going in the brown bin.  Such a shame, I wish I knew why.

I've been thinning out the crocosmia.  Goodness, that plant is invasive.  Some of the thinnings are going into a pot for Beth, some into a pot for me so I can add some green and flame to a darkish corner and some - well, what's a brown bin for?

I've been umming and ahing about some bamboo.  Not in the bed as I know it can be incredibly invasive too and one invasive plant is enough, but also in a pot for moveable decoration.  I don't know if they do particularly well in pots but some green height would be lovely.  I am very glad the Leylandii 'hedge' has gone, but I do miss the greeness of it.  I must research bamboo and see what I can learn.

It's odd: when I had the garden made over a long time ago now - must be about fifteen years ago - my idea was lots of pots of stuff.  That never really worked out and I ended up concentrating on the beds, but now, with the beds looking not bad at all in their various ways, I'm heading towards pots again.

It was a busy day yesterday.  First of all I went a-shopping for bits and bobs connected with something at school (must remember to organise the receipts) followed by several hours in school where I got plenty of stuff done including what I need for the staff meeting next Wednesday.  Then it was back home for a bit of garden pottering followed by the usual evening telly - Pointless, Eggheads, a celebrity antiques programme and the Great British Menu.  Wall to wall gentle entertainment.  Lovely!

And today?  Well, I've been putting it off all week but I now do HAVE to go into town for just one thing from Lakeland after which it is home again to make bread and wait for my delivery of bedside chests from Next.  Once they have arrived (should be between ten and two) it's back into school for some tidying up and general getting-things-ready work.  Once that's done and the planning is tweaked and printed out, I reckon I will be just about ready and tomorrow really can be a day of rest!

Well, breakfast won't make itself so I'd better get going!  May the sun shine on us all today, whatever we have to do.


  1. My goodness, you're right - the sunshine and warmth certainly has made a difference to your strawberries, they look delicious!
    Sounds as if everything is progressing well and glad you were able to get into school to do what you needed to do.
    Have a lovely Sunday! :o)

  2. Thanks. I'm taking it nice and easy today, I think.
    J x