Sunday 12 May 2013


I've posted a recipe for lentil burgers over in Teacher's Recipes, if you're interested.  Just follow the link!

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It was a lovely, sunny day yesterday for about half the day and then the clouds gathered and the heavens opened.  I'm not terribly sorry as the garden really did need a good soaking.  There's no frost this morning but it's jolly chilly and I am thankful for the central heating, believe me!

Although I woke very early, I didn't go back to bed and didn't nap much in the afternoon so by the evening I was weary and, after snoozing my way through a programme about Star Trek (it didn't seem very interesting), I went up and slept solidly until just before five this morning.
It was a good day:  I semi-created two recipes, finished the banana pancake recipe, made some bread, did a bit of shopping, washing and tidying and chilled out.  Nice!

I spent a bit though.  I popped into town to get some tickets and on the way home I diverted to Matalan as my bag is fraying round the edges so much that I am ashamed of it.  I managed to find one that will do and that wasn't too expensive.  In fact, it was reduced because a little bit had come off.  Why they didn't just put it back on I will never know.  It was in the bag and I reattached it when I got home.  I also bought some plastic pots ideal for my school lunches and some white dishes.
Then I popped into the next shop which is one of those cheap food shops and managed to get four cans of chopped tomatoes for £1 which is even cheaper than Aldi, Lidl and Morrison's value.  I have no idea what they're like but we shall see as I will have chicken to use up this week so will need chopped tomatoes.
I'm hoping that the pressure cooker will arrive tomorrow or Tuesday so I can try boiling up the carcass in it.

As for today, Beth and Alex will be here for lunch so I'm roasting a chicken and will have it with new potatoes, broccoli and something else, probably carrots.  Nice and traditional.  Beth has the lentil patties I made yesterday and I shall concoct a tomato sauce for her instead of gravy.  I'm not sure about dessert.  I have a bramley apple to use up and some stewed plums in the freezer so I'll probably do those with a yoghurt topping.

Well, the chicken has been brining overnight so I'd better go and rescue it, rinse it off, dry it and let it come up to room temperature before roasting.  Then I need to make my breakfast as the old tum is starting to grumble!

Have a lovely day, whatever you are doing.

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