Thursday 16 May 2013


First of all, if you're interested, yesterday I posted a recipe for ham and split pea soup over in Teacher's Recipes.  Just follow the link!

It's another cold morning here after some parts of the country had a surprise fall of snow yesterday.  What a shock it must have been, not a terribly pleasant one either as it didn't look the kind of snow that was much fun but very wet and yucky.  None around here though, thank goodness, although there was definitely an icy chill in the air and I was selfishly thankful that it wasn't my playground duty.  Today, whatever the weather, I'm back into tights and shoes.  My toes were freezing yesterday, even in school before the heating was turned back on.  Such cold for May!  Yet again, I am extremely glad my baby plants are still indoors.

Yesterday morning I woke tired and listless after a very bad night's sleep (stuff on my mind).  Last night was quite a different kettle of fish.  After battling to stay awake all evening I went up at around nine and can't remember much more until just after four this morning.  There's nothing like a good night's sleep to make one feel better about life in general, is there?

I'm looking forward to today.  Some good activities planned and I hope the sun will shine all day.  Fingers crossed anyway!


  1. Glad you managed a good nights sleep - I am a bit restless with things on my mind but once we are set up I know I will sleep like a baby.....

  2. It's annoying how active the brain can become in the middle of the night, isn't it?
    I'm sorry you're not sleeping well - it isn't much fun!

    J x