Tuesday 21 May 2013


I think maybe things are beginning to warm up a bit.  Yesterday was dull all day but it wasn't cold, unlike recent dull days, and today it's dry, too gloomy to tell about dullness right now, but definitely not cold, nowhere near a frost.  That is just as well because on Sunday I planted my runner beans.  Fingers crossed!

In the house I have several tomato plants which are going to need planting out soon.  The hundreds and thousands are getting taller and are still in little pots while the ones Dad brought over are also looking pretty healthy and growing rapidly.  As for the courgettes and cucumbers - well, I mustn't dream because they are going to Beth for her TLC, as are most of the Dad-grown tomatoes, but they are looking happy and healthy.

I've decided to plant two of the hundreds and thousands in the wicker surrounded raised bed thing I bought last year.  I was going to plant carrots there but I have more tomato plants than I originally planned for so I have had to change my ideas.  The third one might go in a hanging basket if I can get it organised.  And I MUST get some bordeaux mixture in case of blight!  Over I go to Amazon to order some as it seems impossible to find it at any of our local garden centres.

I drove a bit of a coach and horses through the planning yesterday as we are starting to prepare for a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk and that has to take priority.  They did finish their bean diaries though and now the beans have all gone home.  The parents looked so delighted when they saw them!!!!!!!

Four more days until half term and so much to do it's unbelievable!  I had a lovely surprise last night when a friend contacted to say she would be able to come and visit over the last part of this week, if I could manage it.  Excellent, I'm really excited to see her again, we get on so well.  So tonight I have a bedroom to prepare and she will just have to put up with the mess.  Luckily it isn't as bad as it could have been at the moment which is amazing.  Even the kitchen is relatively clear: I've done so much cooking recently that I've had to keep on top of things.

Well, tempus is fugiting so I'd better give the planning the once over and make sure I have all I need for the day.

Have a good one!

Edited to add something.  I forgot to say that I have posted the recipe for rhubarb sorbet over in Teacher's Recipes.  Do take a look!

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