Friday 10 May 2013


It's all a bit of a rush so, again, this is going to be short.

It's a very blustery morning but nothing like as bad as yesterday.  I came home last night to a right mess of rubbish over my front patch, presumably from a blown over wheelie bin.  Having tidied that up, I decided to wheel mine into the shelter of the open porch, just in case.  It was jolly cold too - the heating clicked on, I shut all the windows and wrapped a fleece around myself.  i also popped a throw over my duvet at bedtime.

Today is my SEN day and I have a whole long list of things to do, some of which is not SEN but PPA as I didn't get my PPA time last Wednesday.  Because of that, I have Monday morning, so I am sharing the work out between one and t'other responsibilities, with due gratitude for the flexibility thereof.

I'm thinking more about my Cheaper than Chips project because it seems to me very stupid to have meals and food in the freezer that I'm not using up because I cannot cost it out.  That's just daft and against the principles of all this, which is basically to be a better steward of the money I have and to develop more frugal habits while still eating well and healthily.  So it's all change but for the good, I think.

Better go - bath time!  Enjoy the day.

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