Friday 3 May 2013


Wasn't yesterday glorious?  In fact, this whole week has been wonderfully bright and sunny, despite there still being a bit of a nip in the air and my goodness, how the plants are responding to this sunlight!!!  Everything is blooming and blossoming: the air is fragrant and there is fresh colour all around.  So cheering.

Yesterday I went to a SENCo training at our local special school.  It was about 'Attachment' and, while I won't bore you with any details, it was extremely interesting and very informative.  When I got back to school all was calm and it remained so for the rest of the day - just as well because M and I were 'in charge' yesterday.

Today is SEN day and there are interviews for a range of LSA posts.  I enjoy interviewing (providing I'm on the right side of the table) so today should be good.

Changing the subject completely I read somewhere that you can make pancakes using banana instead of egg so guess what!  I'm having a go at that this morning.  I'm also going all american with bacon on the side.  I may be mad here but if you don't try you never find out.  And bananas are free while eggs cost 17p!
I'll let you know.

And it's nearly the weekend!


  1. You've set me thinking. The Dutch have pannenkoeken (pancakes)and there are some interesting recipes. Might be worth a search? Jx

  2. It might indeed. This morning's breakfast was really delicious!
    J x