Saturday 11 May 2013


It's early Saturday morning.  Of course, I turned off the alarm yesterday and I don't have to get up, go anywhere, do anything, etc, so, of course, I woke at stupid o'clock.  I'll go back to bed later on, get some more sleep, but right now I'm wide awake!  Very annoying!

After umming and ahing yesterday evening, I decided to make an online order to Lakeland rather than go in this morning, and I'm glad I did as it looks as if it's been raining and might still be.  I'm not terribly fond of town shopping at the best of times, certainly not when it is raining!  I wanted to order the pressure cooker they sell and as that made it free postage I looked around to see if I needed anything else, remembering I'd said I'd get some anti mould spray and that I was out of easy-leave and getting short of their perforated cling film.  So the order is now in and should be delivered to school next week at some point.,  And then I can cook pulses very, very quickly.  Yay!  Thermione can't do everything, she just thinks she can!!!

I spent most of the day either filing, clearing out or doing paperwork.  There seemed to be a lot, one way or another, and I am extremely glad that I have Monday out of class to carry on with it.  In fact, I have a great long list of things to do on Monday morning so fingers crossed that I get it all done!

Today is a rest day.  That doesn't mean I don't have any work to do but it does mean I shall take it easy and pace things out.  I need to make something vegetarian for Beth for tomorrow, perhaps in the lentil burger line, and I need to get the chicken into brine before roasting tomorrow, plus the usual washing, drying, ironing, etc, but I can pace things out.  Should be an easy day.

And now I fancy another coffee . . .


  1. Enjoy your weekend. Always feels good to have time to please yourself. Jx

  2. It does, doesn't it? Thanks Joan. Do you have any plans for your weekend?

    J x