Thursday 30 May 2013

The Hunger Project

Copied direct from our giving page:

The Hunger Project empowers families and communities not only to feed their own children but to build sustainable futures for them. We work in Africa, Asia and Latin America, reaching twenty million people in the most rural places imaginable. We have trained 380,000 volunteer leaders in 8,700 villages who now have the confidence, methods and skills to train millions more for their own journey to a sustainable life living above the poverty line. Live Below the Line for The Hunger Project and you will be celebrating their achievements so far and giving many more families the opportunity to begin a life free from hunger and poverty.

We do things differently; wherever we work the aim is to create and leave new skills in the community so that knowledge can be transferred quickly to the next village. It makes your investment go further as one gift reaches many more people over time.

Your investment will go to women, men and children in the most rural grassroots communities – only those living on less than £1 a day. We don’t hand out food but work with people to create their own resources and meet their own needs - new skills, land, equipment and small loans to start businesses. - See more at:

There's quite a lot more, well worth taking a look, I think.

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