Tuesday 28 May 2013

Answer to question

A few days ago I asked what this was.

According to experts (aka Mum and Dad) it's a beech.  Not a pot plant in the slightest but it's going to be one until it gets too big.  I'm not going to turn down the opportunity to have another nice green thing in a pot in my garden.  And when it outgrows the pot it can have a bigger pot or feed the brown bin, whichever seems most sensible at the time.

Free plants are good!  Thank you, Mr Birdie (or whatever imported the seed).


  1. Nice to get a free tree! I have an oak sapling that has appeared in my garden and I feel rather chuffed.

  2. Lovely! I don't have room for either an oak or a beech, in reality, but in a pot will do for a while! :-)
    J x