Thursday 2 May 2013


How quickly these weeks are rolling round.  Thursday again - just one more day (OK, two, because it's just the beginning of today) and we will be half way through the half term and into a long weekend with a Bank Holiday on Monday).  I'm starting to feel little trickles of excitement when I think about the summer break: it's getting closer and closer now.

Yesterday was just a nice, ordinary day.  No dramas, no catastrophes, no disasters.  Days like yesterday are good!  From PPA in the morning to staff meeting after school, things moved easily along.

It may have been a frosty start but it was gloriously sunny all day.  It helps so much when the sun shines.

. . . to evening.
Today I am out of school all morning, going with my co-SENCo to Columbus school for training on Attachment Disorder.  It should be extremely interesting.  And then it's back in the afternoon to finish off our May blossom trees with some little greet prints, representing the emerging leaves.  The children have enjoyed this activity, not the least because they get to 'choose' while it's going on as I work with a group at a time.

They have to work this morning though.  Today they are developing a character for 'Little Ted' - where he lives, what he likes, what he dislikes, who his friends are, his favourite food, etc . . . - at least, that's what I have set for the supply teacher.  Plus maths, two sessions of phonics and Reading Revelry.  By the end of the morning they will be more than ready for some nice, relaxing art!

I hope . . .

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