Monday 20 May 2013


My Phlox subulata candy stripe which is in full flower at the moment.  It's very pretty.
(this photo was taken last year!)
Good morning!  Wasn't it a lovely day yesterday?  After a dull start it turned warm and sunny.  Very cheering and I felt my spirits rise as the day went on.  Unfortunately, when I went out to the freezer a few minutes ago, I saw that it had been raining and the ground struck chilly under my feet.  Hopefully it will brighten up later on and I guess I am thankful for the rain.  The ground is quite dry and Beth and I planted some runner bean seeds yesterday so rain is a good thing!

It was a most successful day yesterday after not getting as much done as I'd hoped on Saturday *(mainly because I kept getting diverted into kitchen stuff!).  Lunch was scrummy and the rhubarb sorbet was most successful.  We'll do that again.  Beth went home with one half and what's left of the other half is in my freezer.  I will post the recipe at some point, although the method will be for Thermione.
I also managed to create a pea purée that Alex insisted on calling 'pea sauce' and which he quietly finished off in the kitchen as he was clearing the table!  I shall do that again as it was a big hit!  I've described what happened there in last night's update.

I had a go at making some wraps using a recipe from a frugal site, cheating and using Thermione for the kneading, of course, and they were very successful so I have posted the link and Thermione adaptation on Teacher's Recipes - just follow this link.

And, finally, I set to and tackled the enormous pile of ironing that remained in the basket and managed to clear the lot, including some from this weekend's loads - all that was dry, anyway.  To my shame, right at the bottom I found a tablecloth that hasn't been used since just after Christmas!!!  Ah, well, It's done now!

Today should be normal.  School with all that is implied in that word and the meals are all planned.  Pasta and a tomato sauce for lunch (thank goodness for staffroom microwaves!) and a chicken and mango curry for dinner (thank goodness for freezer supplies).  Now I can smell that my porridge is nearly done so I'd better go and rescue it!  I hope it's a good day for us all.

Diane, if you're reading - I hope you are having a wonderful time on holiday.


  1. I was just about to ask whether you were nearly vegetarian as you eat so economically, when the chicken and mango was mentioned. So clearly not!

  2. :-) No, I'm not. However, I am finding that loadsa meat and fairly extreme frugality do not marry well together. Also, I do like pulses/lentils/etc.
    There's a lot of meat based meals in my freezer (home cooked) and it's rather defeating the purpose of the whole Cheaper than Chips project if I don't use what I already have, so I am.
    I think I eat (or used to eat) way too much meat so this is very good for me in more than the obvious way. My daughter *is* vegetarian and I am used to cooking for her so the 'skill' is already there.
    If I didn't love my meat I could happily go almost entirely vegetarian, I think.
    J x