Wednesday 1 May 2013


I came down very early this morning and started working.  Within an hour I thought 'Hmm - it's a bit cold' and sure enough, there was a frost again.    I tell myself I burn more calories when it is cold!!!

Yesterday was a bit stressful one way and another, with an important meeting pm, but I was pleased that I didn't head for the food straight afterwards.  When I got home I made the butter bean and bacon crumble and it was jolly nice.  I did enjoy it.  Not long after that it was early to be, which explains why I was up at stupid o'clock this morning.  Never mind, I got some work done, that's the main thing.

Today is PPA, ICT, art and library last thing - a nice day indeed.  And then there's a butter bean burger for tea.  Yes, more butter beans - I cooked 100g (dry weight) and they've made four meals (with other stuff) so well worth doing.  I'll probably post the burger recipe but want to taste it first!!!

Better go!  Despite such an early start, I'm running out of time now.  Enjoy your day!


  1. I love butter beans, so the casserole is an idea I shall borrow. Did a search (as you do) and found a recipe for butter bean and bacon soup. Thank you for the inspiration. Jx

  2. I'd forgotten how good butter beans taste! They have a real depth of flavour and I like the texture too. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did, Joan!

    J x