Thursday 9 May 2013


There isn't much to write about at the moment.  Things are ticking over smoothly enough (touch wood) and there's little of note to write about.  Sad?  Well, no, not really.

We had a quick infant staff meeting after school yesterday and sorted out sports day, arranged a few bits and bobs and generally had rather a laugh.  When I went home, all was peaceful as my guests had departed earlier in the day so I chilled out, wolfed down a good sized salad from party leftovers and went to bed early - which is why I am up early this morning too.

Now I had better do some work in preparation for the day ahead.  Have a good one.

The other day I was looking round for something to photograph when my eye fell on this - a salt dough creation made many years ago by a friend who has a small business . . .

. . . and here's a detail from it.  Good, isn't it?

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