Wednesday 29 May 2013


I can't believe it is Wednesday already.  Eeeeek!  Must get going with a few bits and pieces or I will have achieved not-a-lot by the end of the week and that would never do.

I've been given back a few days.  Hyde Hall didn't happen, of course, and has now been rescheduled for a few weeks time.  I was going to see a friend on Friday but, sadly, she is unwell so I won't be going now.  And so far I haven't wanted to stray too far from a loo so that's restricted my movements too.  After munching on some anti-whotsit tablets yesterday evening things seem to have now settled (fingers crossed) so you never know, perhaps I can go out soon!

Wasn't yesterday disgusting?  Well, it was here.  Back to cold again, heating clicked on, rain all day until the sun came out early evening and brightened everything up again.  After the sunny weekend it was like a slap in the face but at the moment it looks hopeful so fingers crossed for a nicer day.

I had intended to do a bit of garden pottering but it was too wet for that so I did a bit indoors instead.  When I went shopping on Sunday I saw that Sainsbury's had some 'living lettuce' - you know, the kind that are still planted.  The idea is that you pull off leaves as you want them and the lettuce just keeps on growing - nice and frugal.  Last year (or maybe the year before) I replanted some very sad living lettuces that I got in a sale and they went on to give me salad leaves for weeks and weeks.  Given my Cheaper than Chips project (which is going great) and the cost of lettuce generally, I thought I would try that again so yesterday I replanted the lettuces (there were three different types to each very tiny pot) into separate pots and they are now sitting on my kitchen window ledge, looking wonderfully healthy at the moment.  Fingers crossed!
Each pot of three cost £1.00 so if they do me for a fortnight, that is great value, considering how much lettuce I eat at this time of year.  A month would be brilliant.  We will see.  They are worth tending . . .

It looks nice and productive, doesn't it?  In the middle there's the thyme, some cut parsley in water and some cress and to the right of that are my rosemary cuttings which I do need to get into soil.
The main problem is getting the blind down properly at night!

After making some sausage meat and butter bean burgers yesterday which were quite nice, I've posted the recipe over on t'other blog which seemed to attract rather more visitors than usual yesterday.  No idea why but if anyone strolls over in this direction, hello and welcome!  Comments (not spammy ones, obviously) would be very welcome!

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