Monday 6 May 2013


. . . and for once it looks as if a Bank Holiday is going to give us the weather we want.  Sun and warmth - even if the warmth is comparative.  It's lovely out there at the moment.

Yesterday we took a trip to Wrest Park.  I'd never heard of the place but we will be going back at some point.  It is delightful.  The houser is just a bit open with a couple of rooms and a very interesting display, there are a few formal gardens which are packed with tulips right now and there are walks all around the fairly compact grounds.  Nothing is too demanding an it's the perfect place to come with the family for a day out.

I took some photos which I will post when I have had time to go though them to weed out the bad ones and crop the better ones.

Today is a busy day because tomorrow the family descends on me for a buffet in the evening to celebrate a birthday!  I'm not doing the buffet but I do have to deal with the mess in the house.  It's not dire, but it will take some sorting.  So that's my task for today, along with exploratory visits to Lidl and Aldi (we are lucky enough to have both here) and the making of copious loaves of bread for all and sundry!  I must cost out a loaf made in the breadmaker!

And minor detail - I have some planning to do too, darn it.

Have a grand day, everyone.

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