Sunday 19 May 2013


Good morning, everyone.  It's a bit dull outside but I suppose it would be at this time of day.  It's also cold (no news there then!).  Popping out to the freezer is no pleasure at the moment.  I gather it is going to warm up today so fingers crossed we will end up with a pleasant day for once.

Yesterday was nice.  Not quite the rest I envisaged but nice all the same.  I got an email from Beth in the morning - did I think Thermione would make some of her rhubarb into a sorbet.  I thought so and she brought some round for me to try (the stewed fruit is freezing hard ready to cut into ice cube chunks later on as I type) and we had a good chat over coffee.  I decided that we would have vegetable crumble for dinner today so set to, to make the vegetable mix, totally oblivious to the fact that I already have some in the freezer.  Ho hum!!!  So I have now added to the freezer supplies rather than taking from them!  It's getting hard to find space in the freezer but at least it has to be running more economically now!

The vegetable mix is very tasty, so I've posted the recipe over in Teacher's Recipes.

I finished the day off watching Doctor Who (wasn't it good?!!!) and then tidied up the kitchen before an early night and a great night's sleep.

Today is Beth and Alex day and they will be round for lunch.  Sausages for Alex and vegetable crumble for me and Beth.  I've been very good and taken some mushy peas out of the freezer (more mush than peas, I seem to recall, but never mind) and will also roast some parsnips and Alex can have a couple of hash browns to go with his sausages.  Dessert will, I hope, be rhubarb sorbet (if it works) and if it does work I will post the recipe!

And now I'm off to think about breakfast.  It's food all the way today!  Enjoy your day!

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