Sunday 11 September 2011

Sunday evening

Phew . . . it's been pretty busy here, one way and another.  Five pots of apple and plum chutney, some delicious plum flapjacks (definitely one to make again although I will use a bigger tin next time) and the second load of Delia's spiced red cabbage with apple is half way to done.  I could not believe how much cabbage DD brought round.  The allotment red cabbages have grown much bigger than the ones on her little patch at home and - well, put it this way, there is enough to keep us going for several Christmasses to come.  Not that it will last that long, of course, it's too delicious.

And now DD and DG have gone home and I'm slowly fading out.  I will try to stay awake for another hour, but you never know!!

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