Wednesday 21 September 2011


Sorry about yesterday's missing blog. I had a bit of a rubbish time after school on Monday and, as a result, yesterday I was so weary I couldn't really get my head around things much. But never mind, here I am back , having had a really great night's sleep, ready to move on again.

On peeking outside I see that it has been raining and there's a distinct nip in the air, unusual for September. I gather that the Daily Mail reported a long cold winter to come with snow in October. Well, all I can say is that if that forecast is as accurate as the one in Spring that predicted a long and hot summer I will not be packing away my summer clothes yet awhile!

It's PPA this morning and then, after play, time out to go over some important paperwork. Tomorrow I am out all morning on a course. Friday is my SEN day. It's all go! And by the end of the week we will almost be half way through the half term, one sixth of the way through the school year. Crazeeee!

The tomatoes continue to ripen in handfuls - I picked nine yesterday. Not bad but there's still an awful lot of green ones and I'm not sure I want all that much green tomato chutney. I wish it had happened mid-August, but it didn't. That's life!

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